With a large variety of options to choose from, selecting the right toilet seat for your bathroom, washroom or ensuite can be a daunting task!

Whether you are swayed by style, material, functionality or ease of fitting, this complete guide will help you select the perfect seat.

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Thermoset Plastic + Scratch resistant
+ Durable and strong
+ Easy to clean
- Can be cold to the touch
Polypropylene + Scratch resistant
+ Easy to clean
- Can be cold to the touch
- Can be misshapen or broken depending on heat exposure
Moulded Wood + Wide variety of finishes
+ Easy to clean
+ Better comfort level than plastic seats
- May be subject to staining or wear
Solid Wood + Wide variety of finishes
+ Highly durable, strong materials
+ Better comfort level than plastic seats
+ Simple to clean
- May be subject to staining or wear


Slimline seats offer a simple way to add a contemporary touch to any bathroom. 

Guaranteed to add a stylish touch into any suite, a D-Shaped seat offers a modern finish. 

Traditional yet timeless, rounded seats are available in plenty of finishes. 

Offering a nod to on-trend New England styling, a Tongue and Groove seat proves that even this essential accessory can be used to dress a room. 

From glamorous quartz finishes to nature-inspired granite designs, a feature seat can add a touch of personality.


Installing a seat may seem daunting but is easy to do when you choose the right product.
  • Look at your pans fixing centres to choose a seat with compatible hinges. Alternatively, you can choose any of our Flexi-Fix™ seats that are fully adjustable!
  • Decide whether you want to top or bottom fix.
  • Use the right tools - Any good seat should come with the relevant fixings but you will need a screwdriver to hand.


                      ALWAYS FITS
The wide range of adjustability ensures the hinges will always align with the holes in your toilet pan and the seat can always be installed from above or below the pan.

                  NEVER SLIPS!
Collapsible supports hold the hinges off the toilet pan while you align the seat. Once pressure is applied, the adhesive pads beneath the hinges grip strongly.
         Protects against:
Mould & Mildew
Soft close hinges prevent the seat from slamming closed.

Allows the seat to be removed easily for cleaning.


All seats with these logos feature ethically sourced wood that is approved by The Forest Stewardship Council and Rainforest Alliance.