06 June 2019
It’s #WorldOceansDay today, so what better time to look at ways we can all reduce our water usage than now?! Water saving isn’t only important for saving money, reducing our water usage is a vital way to reduce our overall impact on the planet.

Invest in decent dry shampoo!

For some people hair washing is a daily routine, but it can actually do more bad than good. By giving your hair a break from stripping it of all of its natural oils you’re not only saving water, but reducing the amount of product you use and in turn reducing water usage.


Invest in flow limiters throughout the home

A flow limiter is an excellent way to reduce the amount of water you use without even noticing! Just one limiter can reduce water usage by up to 6 litres per minute! It’s a simple, inexpensive way to really make a difference to your water usage.


Get a low-flush toilet

If you’re planning a bathroom or toilet renovation always make sure the toilet you choose is a low-flush toilet. These can make significant changes compared with older models, and work just as efficiently.

Never wash a half load

Washing clothes, although necessary, can be a big use of water. By waiting until you have a full load and not chucking all items of clothing into the wash after only one use you will reduce the amount of wash loads, limiting your electricity usage and water usage.

One other bonus to this is your clothes will last longer!

Choose an Aqua Air handset

Although we recommend reducing the amount of showers you have, we don’t recommend stopping showers altogether! By choosing an Aqua Air shower handset you’re able to reduce water usage by up to 50%! We have a range of styles and spray types available, so make sure you check those out!

Check for leaks regularly

By making a habit of checking for any leaks every week or so you’re protecting yourself against possible costly repairs and pricy water bills. It takes 5 minutes and can save you ££’s!

Save your pasta and vegetable water

If you’re boiling pasta or veg, drain the water into a bowl, leave it to cool and you have a lovely nutritious soup for your outdoor plants!

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