15 Minute Bathroom Refresh
Bathroom improvements don’t have to take hours; there are lots of ways to make effective improvements when you’ve only got 15 minutes spare.

Add some greenery

The addition of house plants can work wonders for a bathroom. They purify the air, add life and colour and look beautiful. We love the hanging planter style because it means you can add plants to the room without taking up any surface space.

Try plants like Ivy, Aloe Vera and Succulents because they’re very forgiving if you miss a couple of watering sessions!


Install water saving devices

A quick and effective update that might not be noticeable visually, but you will soon notice on your water bill is installing water saving flow limiters to your taps. This is cheap, quick and a big money saver.

The most effective taps you can install these on are your bathroom sink, kitchen sink and your shower. The bath tap isn’t as effective because it will only slow down process when running a bath.


No-drill accessories

We have a selection of semi-permanent accessories which require no drilling, and use our suction fix, glue fix and stick fixing method.

 The Press ‘n’ Lock uses a strong suction cup to fix to shiny tiles or glass and is easy to adjust. The Stick ‘n’ Lock fixing method uses a strong adhesive sticky pad to secure to most flat finished surfaces, and our Flexi-Fix fixing system utilises old fixing holes and has the option of using our super strong glue.


Wall mounted update

Wall mounted accessories can be simple to update, especially if you have a Flexi-Fix set of accessories. We use the same unique X-plate across the range to allow accessories to be changed in minutes without any drilling required.


Upgrade your toilet seat

A toilet seat is an important part of the bathroom, and a sturdy one is essential, especially in a busy family household.

Updating your toilet seat is a quick and effective update that won’t go unnoticed! If you’re bored of your plain one why not go for one of our Steven Brown toilet seats to add a splash of colour and illustrations.


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