15 August 2018
2018 Bathroom Trends
Believe it or not, we are more than half way through this year, and I don’t know about you but it has flown by! We wanted to look at a roundup of the trends so far and the trends that seem to be taking off so you can get yourself ahead of the game!
2018 has seen multiple trends hit the bathroom scene and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down any time soon!

A few of our favourite trends so far include:

Rose Gold and Gold Accessories- These accessories are ideal for adding a regal touch to any bathroom. This is definitely a statement trend that has no signs of going anywhere soon!

Black Grouting- I know, you spend half your life trying to get your grouting as white and clean as possible, and then someone discovers that actually having a dark coloured grouting looks rather edgy and fancy. It really makes your tiles pop and paired with white tiling you really can’t go wrong, and who’s to know you’ve missed your weekly grout cleaning?!

Patterned Floor Tiles-It may seem like a thing of the past, but believe it or not the pattered floor tiles are really making a strong comeback. Not just black and white but all types of colour combinations have returned to grace Britons bathrooms once more!

Stand-Alone Baths-These baths just ooze luxury. They have the potential to make your bathroom look and feel twice as big due to the floor below being visible. They come with and without legs dependant on your taste and tend to be much deeper than conventional baths.

Outside Influences -Bringing details and décor that would usually remain in the living room helps the flow of the whole house. It stops your bathroom feeling like a single room in a house and more like part of the house. Things like book shelves, plants and even arm chairs have started to slowly creep their way into the bathroom.

Twinning!- Multiple sinks, mirrors, cabinets and even toilets are becoming ever popular this year, and we can see why! How many times have you found yourself fighting over the mirror with just the right lighting when everyone is trying to get ready at the same time? Well, this could be the solution!

Here are a few trends we can see becoming more popular as the year goes on:

Cosy Bathrooms-Adding small touches to the bathroom like blankets, pillows, low lighting and overhead showers gives the bathroom a comfy and homely feel. As the weather cools, this décor will become more and more popular.

Vintage Style Furniture- Adding some furniture to your bathroom not only makes it homely, but if you get it right you can add some vintage style furnishings to really set the tone for your bathroom.

Statement Shower Curtains- Shower curtains don’t have to be plain. Patterned and picture shower curtains add colour, art and personality to the bathroom!

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