02 November 2018
5 ensuite styling techniques
Having the luxury of an ensuite is a real benefit to any home. Being able to walk out of the bedroom and straight into the bathroom can be very handy, especially for when you have guests or children.
That said, ensuites can be notoriously cramped, meaning you really need to make the most out of the space available. This isn’t a problem if you store smart and make the most of every corner!

Here are 5 of the best tricks to give your ensuite a more spacious look and feel.


It’s a common problem trying to find a way of installing sinks and toilets in an ensuite without them taking up a large chunk of wall space. Choosing a sink and toilet designed for corner instillation is the perfect way to tackle this problem, and save floor space at the same time. The idea of having the sink and toilet in the corner is so effective because it keeps them tucked away and out of main sight, leaving you more space for other utilities.

Wall mounted toilets

If you don’t like the idea of a corner toilet, you could always opt for the sleek and stylish wall mounted toilet. With the added bonus of a hidden cistern, you are able to tuck the toilet a lot closer in, leaving a seamless finish. Having the wall mounted toilet is the perfect way to give the room that hotel styling, perfect for a minimalist design.

A towel rail is a MUST

Effective towel storage is essential to maintaining a tidy and clutter free ensuite. With little room for mess, keeping your towels hung up flat against the wall is the best way to store them. It also keeps the towels perfectly warm for when you step out of the shower.

Create your own personal wet room

If you’re not a bath person, then ditching the bath altogether in favour of a wet room could be the thing for you. Wet rooms not only provide ease of access, but the tiled flooring creates the illusion of more space. It’s a big decision to consider, but if you feel the bath is taking up unnecessary space, then it may be the perfect solution for you.

Shelving and recessed shelves

If there is room, carving bespoke recessed shelving units gives you that extra storage, whether it’s in the shower area or just outside, having one place for all of your products will clear more clutter than you would imagine. It’s also a really stylish way to add surface space without adding conventional shelves.

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