Bathroom hacks to make 2020 easier
Why not start 2020 as you mean to go on? With a functional bathroom that saves you time, energy and money, you can’t go wrong! Here are 5 ways to make your bathroom more user and cost friendly and time saving.

Install water limiters

It might seem like an obvious one, but adding water saving devises to your shower and taps is a simple way to reduce your energy and water usage. You won’t notice a difference in your showering experience, but you’ll certainly notice a difference in your wallet!


Multi-feature toilet seats

A toilet seat is a bathroom necessity, but why not choose one that makes your life a lot easier? A quick release toilet seat makes cleaning your toilet a much easier task and allows you to properly clean all parts of the toilet. Simply press the button and lift the toilet seat off, and once you’re done you can slot the toilet seat back in position.


Always keep a squeegee nearby

A shower squeegee is a simple solution to keeping your tiles and shower screen clear and free from water marks. You’ll be thanking yourself every time you clean your bathroom and don’t have to spend an eternity on scrubbing the screen and tiles to remove unsightly watermarks and soap scum!

Machine washable fabrics

Being able to take your shower curtain off and changing your bathroom mat has never been simpler, simply pop them in the washing machine and voila! You’ll never have to deal with dirty shower curtains and smelly bathmats.

Removable wall mounted accessories

Wall mounted accessories are usually permanent, and if you want to change or remove them require re-filling the holes and creating new ones to fit the new bracket. Flexi-Fix accessories can be easily removed from the wall and replaced without having to remove the bracket.

You can glue-fix for a drill-free installation, Re-fix to existing holes or drill fix. Leaving you with a simple solution to keeping your bathroom up-to-date.

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