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In our last blog post we talked about the simpler updates that can be done to your bathroom (if you haven’t seen it click here). We are working with National Home Improvement week to bring you this post and we’ve got some great tips for those of you that feel like you’re happy with the overall look of your bathroom, but think it needs some updates you’re willing to invest in to make your bathroom somewhere you want to be.

Updating your suite

If your bathroom fixings are looking a bit worse for wear then giving them a much needed update will change everything about the bathroom. Croydex has a variety of ranges that will suit any style and comes with a Flexi-Fix fixing plate, which was designed to ease the headache of needing to drill new holes. Each range has something different to offer. The 1919 range is exactly as the name says, vintage with a modern twist, perfect for those of you that love a touch of old in the modern world. If silver isn’t in your colour scheme then the Grosvenor Gold range will be perfect for you, the buttery gold will add a royal feel, especially if you are using a navy colour scheme. If you’re looking for a more modern polished feel to your bathroom the Cheadle or Romsey range will suit you perfectly. Updating the accessories in your suite is something you should really think about and invest in as products that can last for years to come.


Glorious showers

If you’re a lover of long luxurious showers then having a shower head that delivers the best experience should definitely be a priority. Making the most of your shower setting without compromising the amount of water you use is possible, with the Matrix Three Function Shower Set and the Matrix Four Function Shower Head, both part of our Eco Function, which are supplied with an optional water saving device that reduces water usage by up to 50% compared to products used without the device. Other options are the luxurious Aspley Overhead Shower which will produce a rain shower effect with Aqua Air technology providing a more sensuous shower and is also supplied with a water saving device. If your shower handset needs replacing, then upgrade to the Five Function Shower Handset which has easy rub clean nozzles. Whatever shower you decide to choose, make it one that you will love for as long as possible.

Toilet seats galore

Toilet seats are something most people forget about, until they begin to wobble. When that happens, it usually means the end for the toilet seat. Fitting a toilet seat doesn’t need to be stressful either, Croydex Flexi-Fix seats are designed with a pioneering patented V plate hinges which provide maximum adjustment to fit the fixing holes of any standard toilet pan. Available in a range of styles if you wanted a shabby chic feel to your bathroom add a wooden seat similar to the Rutland Toilet Seat, made from wood this sturdy seat will last the test of time, especially with the Flexi-Fix ‘V’ plate hinges keeping it from coming loose. If you’re keeping your bathroom theme classic and simple then a white toilet seat in either durable plastic (Constance Toilet Seat) or sturdy wood (Portland Toilet Seat) will be perfect to keep the timeless feel flowing in the room. If glamour and glitz is something you are looking for then this Silver Quartz Toilet Seat will tick all the right boxes and make a statement. Whatever style of seat you choose, make sure it’s something that you will be happy to keep for the foreseeable future.

Turn your bath into a shower

Are you longing for a long hot shower but sadly only have a bath available? Well don’t fret, the Bath and shower sprays available are the perfect substitute to turn your bath into a shower. The Bath Shower Mixer Set is available in either white or chrome, so there is a finish for any bathroom décor. Simply fix the diverter to the bath taps and move the lever backwards and forwards to divert the water between the bath and shower, making this a perfect semi-permanent feature. The Freeway Secura Spray is another option simply press the unique spray control mechanism to use the saturating flow and release to switch to the gentle flow when you wish to lay the handset down. Making your bath into a shower is a great stepping stone before investing in the real thing.
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