Bathroom Renovations Tips
We’ve told you the easy and medium updates that you can make to your bathroom for National Home Improvement week, now we are on to the complete renovation tips. Taking everything from the previous blog posts and adding to it so that you have even more ideas to making your bathroom the perfect bathroom for you.

Wireware Storage Options

Cluttered bathrooms are a common problem facing most households, sometimes there isn’t enough space and the counter tops become a potential hazard. Croydex has a wide variety of wireware storage that will suit any need. The Croydex wireware comes with Rust Free Guarantees with timelines ranging from five years, ten years and a lifetime.  If you don’t want to make any permanent holes to the bathroom there are two Flexi-Fix screw and glue ranges that make it easier than ever to add more storage space. If you’re looking for some storage that you can hang over the shower or the back of the door then we have a range of hook over products that will be perfect. Wireware will keep everything looking neat and tidy, easy to clean and will keep your bathroom looking less like a cluttered mess.


Wet rooms Vs Bathrooms

Renovating a bathroom now comes with a choice. If you are planning to make your home a forever home it may be an idea to consider making your bathroom a wet room so that it is easier to add assistive products should the time come. It is a popular trend, with the increase in people staying in their homes for longer than they may have planned. If you are planning on settling in your home, thinking ahead doesn’t hurt. If you decide that you want a bathroom and possibly need the bathroom for small children (or for that much needed relaxing Friday night bubble bath), then the most practical option would be to either add a shower to your bath or, depending on the size of your bathroom, to add a shower separately. The cost of a bathroom can start from £2,500 and continue from there depending on how much of a renovation you are planning. It would be better for your bank account if you decided whether a wet room would be a better option for you in the long run.

Handy Hang ‘n’ Lock mirrors.

Mirrors are an essential in many bathrooms, not only can they add the illusion of some much needed space, they can also be an essential for storage space. They can also be frustrating to install, particularly if you’re alone. Hang ‘n’ Lock helps to make this task less frustrating, the installation of a Hang ‘n’ Lock product can be done in a maximum of 5 steps depending on the choice of mirror or mirrored cabinet.

The options are endless for mirrored cabinets; many are now illuminated as well being a great storage unit. Keep it classic with the Anderson Double Mirror Door Cabinet, which will add some much needed storage as well as being FSC and Rain Forest Alliance approved. The Medina Single Door Cabinet will not only store your products, but it’s sleek and classy white finish will make an excellent touch to any bathroom that you desire. If storage isn’t an issue then Hang ‘n’ Lock is also available on standard and illuminated mirrors. The Parkgate Mirror is a simple but sleek mirror that can be hung either landscape or portrait with ease, no mess no fuss. But if you are looking for something that’s a bit brighter and bolder then the Halington Illuminated Mirror is the one for you. With one LED light strip and a circular LED light, this will brighten up your bathroom no matter what the theme. For the beauty fanatics out there it also includes a 3x magnifying beauty mirror as well as a demister pad to help defog your mirror after a long shower.

Whatever mirror you decide to choose for your bathroom see it as an investment and something that will fit with any future theme should you decide to make a change in the future.

 Installing Hang ‘n’ Lock is also a stress free task as our step by step shows below.

Shower Screen Vs Shower Rod

While showers are becoming more and more popular with their quick ease of use and time saving, there are still a number of homes that need the use of a bath. Whether it’s personal preference or a necessity, having a bath and a shower is becoming convenient for most households. But with this option comes sprays of water landing on your floor and your bathroom if you don’t have either a shower screen, or a shower curtain to keep the water from getting everywhere. But which one is better? A shower screen will open up your bathroom, and buying a squeegee to keep it clean after every shower should help to minimise the amount of times that you need to use the glass cleaner. If you have a very light and open bathroom then keeping with that look will benefit you, and also if you’re more prone to having baths than you are showers then the shower screen will be slightly easier to contend with. But shower curtains can add a massive amount of personality to a bathroom, with endless prints that can add a lot to an otherwise simple bathroom. They will need to be cleaned once a month to ensure that the print doesn’t begin to look a little dirty, but most won’t take long to air dry.

Because it’s National Home Improvement week and we want you to have the best bathroom ever, we are giving one of you the lucky chance to win one of the Hang ‘n’ Lock products mentioned above! All you need to do is head over to our social media pages e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram then follow us and retweet/like the relevant competition post!

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Gerty Gift, 09 Jul 2018 @ 8:05pm

I thought that it was interesting that you mentioned wet bathrooms. My kids really like the rain more than they like bodies of water and they really don't like bath time. Maybe if we had a wet bathroom we could get them to like bath time. I will think about it a little more before we finish planning our bathroom renovation.

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Rhianna Hawk, 01 Oct 2018 @ 3:38pm

My husband and I are renovating our bathroom so that it's more child-friendly (it's currently very cramped and full of hard corners) and your tip about having a shower screen rather than a shower curtain is a great one to keep the floors dry, as you said, and therefore less dangerous. The fact that it's easy to clean also helps, and it would get rid of the chance of our daughter tripping over a curtain in the shower (she has problems with her balance.) However, we don't plan to stay in this house forever, so turning the bathroom into a wetroom isn't quite what we need right now.

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