06 February 2019
Bathroom Safety Tips
A bathroom can be a dangerous place when it’s not looked after and planned properly. The flow of water almost every day and ability to steam up within just a few minutes create hazards in every corner. This hazard is increased when your bathroom is used by children, elderly and less able bodied. Here are some steps to take to make sure your bathroom is as safe as possible for the user.

Install grab bars in hazardous areas

Having the security of grab bars and rails around the room offers a safer environment to those that are less steady on their feet. Having a bar to grab onto for balance and help when moving around can make a world of difference. With so many options and styles now, there will always be one that fits in and compliments the room.


Bath mats-Inside and outside the bath or shower

A bath mat is a very simple but effective way to create an anti-slip surface. Having one inside of the bathroom stops the water from creating a greasy bath area and keeping one on the outside allows your feet to dry quickly before stepping onto the tiled flooring. It’s such an easy and low cost way to keep the room safe from slippage.


Shower seats and stools

Sometimes, a shower seat is the safest way to shower, and getting into a bath can be too difficult. This is when the decision to change the bathroom into a wet room may be the best solution. Having a shower seat there stops the chances of falling from loss of balance and loss of consciousness. It’s a scary thing, but having a seat to rely on makes all the difference. 


Bath step

If a bath is still an option, using a bath step to help you get in and out of the bath would be a great product to consider. It can reduce the height of the step to get into the bath. Team that with a bath seat and you’re all set for a safe and sure bathing experience.


Inclusive showering riser rail

If you’re just looking for that extrabit of support while using the shower, choosing an inclusive riser rail may be the perfect option for you. It’s discreet, and gives you support while using the shower, this way you know you’ve got something to hold on to while showering.

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