Choosing the Perfect Toilet Seat
Choosing your perfect toilet seat is something that takes time and consideration. You want something that’s going to last and won’t come loose over time. With so many options available now even choosing a plain white seat can be harder than it seems.
Deciding what colours, styles, material and functions you would like to have can feel a bit overwhelming. We like to think that with our toilet seat expertise we could give you a helping hand!

Plan around your current style:

Make sure the toilet seat you choose is going to look good within the style you already have. Adding a black seat into a pastel coloured room isn’t going to make the most of your bathroom décor. You want one that will complement the rest of the room.

A wooden toilet seat adds character to a vintage bathroom, and a coloured toilet seat builds a quirky touch into a modern bathroom.


Know your needs:

Deciding what you need from your toilet seat will help you make a decision. Do you have small children (or are you a bit clumsy) and would benefit from a soft close toilet seat? Do you need a seat that is easy to remove for easy cleaning? You might want one that is treated with Anti-Bacterial or anti-microbial properties to ensure a hygienic surface.


Choosing a style:

Toilet seats come in all stylings. You can have thermoset plastic, moulded wood, solid wood, stone effect or even slimline. It all comes down to personal preference. All of our toilet seats are tried and tested under pressure so you won’t be compromising on strength and stability if you choose thermoset plastic over solid wood.


Making sure the price is right:

You may have no idea how much to spend on your new toilet seat, so have a look around and see what kind of prices you’re happy to spend. If you want added extras you will need to be prepared to spend a bit more. Other than that, weigh out how many and what features you require, and see what seats are available in your price range.

Look at the practicalities:

Having features like a safe flush seal to eliminate germs spreading, a self-lighting toilet seat to avoid having to turn lights on during and night, or a self-closing hinge that stops seats being left up are all extras that you may want to consider. They add originality to your bathroom and can be fun additions for children


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