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It’s about time we starting thinking about the beginning of term again, and for some this is an exciting and scary time. Starting University or college is the beginning of an era, and it can be daunting thinking about everything you need to take, especially if it’s the first time living away from home.
The chances are you have no idea what you’ll need during your day-to-day life, and may need a bit of guidance as to what might be your understated saving grace when it comes to surviving your first experience in shared accommodation. Shared accommodation often means shared bathrooms (unless you’re one of the lucky ones), and in a shared bathroom space can be limited.

Here is a guide to help get you prepped for your new adventure!

Buy in bulk:
It may seem expensive but if you make sure you’re getting a good deal, usually a bulk pack of anything works out cheaper in the long run, and you’ll be thanking yourself if you’re in a particularly stretched month that you don’t have to worry about the bulk buys!
Sectioned storage:
Having storage solution for everyone in one place is a very effective way to keep your bathroom clean and tidy. Adding one or two shower baskets are a cost effective way to keep the clutter to a minimum.
 Plan ahead:
Some people tend to be more clean and tidy than others, so having a plan up of who does which chores day by day is an easy way to avoid any awkward arguments after the bathroom goes uncleaned for a week (or two)!

Buy anti-rust:
The shower and bath area will probably be one of the most used rooms in the house, and the amount of water and steam produced each day is bound to cause some rusting after time. Buying rust-free will prevent any unsightly stains and marking, and will allow your products to last longer, in turn saving you more money.

Try using coupons:
Keeping deals and vouchers you pick up in magazines, newspapers, online or in stores are very handy if they’re for something you would normally buy. Be savvy and plan your shopping to make sure you’re getting the most out of your deals. You may even turn into an extreme couponer!

Enter competitions:
Lots of companies run regular competitions either via their website or their social media platforms, have a look at some companies you’re interested in and enter any competitions they’re running. They can be rather generous with their prizes too….

Invest in strong, reliable storage:
Storage throughout University or college is a huge issue. The chances are you won’t be staying in your accommodation more than one or two years, and you would like to have something that can be moved around with you and stand the test of time. Try using cabinets and furniture that you know is going to go the distance and last in more than one home. Our hang and lock cabinets are easy, one person instillation products and require minimal assembling.

Get easy-to-clean products:
Investing in products that are easy to clean will ensure you can keep your house looking spick and span on a budget. Items that tend to get dirty quickly are shower curtains, shower heads and bathroom mats. So having products that can be machine washable or self-cleaning will save you a lot of time to focus on your studies!


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