Creating a calm and tranquil bathroom
If there’s ever been a time to create a space to relax in our homes, it’s now. Our bathrooms can be the perfect place to go for a relaxing bath or shower when you get home from a cold and windy day. We have some ideas to make your bathroom an even more stress-free space to unwind.
Scented candles can turn a room from a cold bathroom that’s harsh on your eyes into a warm, soothing paradise. Choosing scents like lavender, rosemary, lemon and ylang ylang will help in creating a calm atmosphere and the low lighting helps with de-stressing.

Introduce warmer tones to the bathroom with bathroom mats and shower curtains. Our yellow and cream bathroom mats not only add the warmth through their colour but are super soft and make stepping out of the bath or shower feel luxurious.

Use illuminated cabinets and mirrors instead of main lighting. Turning off the main light and switching on an illuminated mirror or cabinet can create a new dynamic and gives the room a warm glow.

Adding natural elements to the bathroom like pebble-style products, stone effect and plants can create a spa-like feeling, and if you can’t feel relaxed in your own spa where can you?!

If you want to go one step further, you could use a bathroom speaker to play your favourite relaxing music while you unwind in the bath or shower.


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