03 October 2018
Creating a Family Bathroom
Having a bathroom to suit a family can pose a number of problems. You want one that is suited family life, practical and spacious, but you don’t want to have to compromise on style and comfort.
Having a range of ages living under one roof can introduce new challenges when designing your bathroom. For example, having young children and trying to bathe them could be difficult if you have a shower screen rather than a shower curtain. And having limited storage with a large family would amount to a pile of clutter.

You don’t have to completely renovate your bathroom to make it practical, but making these small changes can really make all the difference in creating a more harmonious bathroom for all!

Be smart with storage

No one can have too much storage in their bathroom. I don’t think anyone has ever said “there is just too much space in my bathroom” because it doesn’t happen! Being savvy with how you store your products and bathroom essentials is the key to a tidy and tranquil living space.

Try utilising the space under the bath with bath panel storage, or adding shelving to an unused wall. Having furniture in your bathroom is no longer frowned upon, so make the most of it and bring that chest of draws or dressing table in!


Safety first

Making sure you have a bath mat in and out of the bath or shower is essential to keeping children safe on slippery flooring. Children don’t realise the dangers of wet flooring as much as adults, so are likely to slip through carelessness.


Plenty of towels!

In a family bathroom, the amount of towels you get through in a week is unbelievable. You have no idea how you dirty so many, but there is nothing worse than getting in the shower only to discover there are no towels left, leaving you to make that risky trip to the airing cupboard before anyone sees you!


Buy machine washable

Having products that are machine washable will be your saving grace. Being able to just chuck the shower curtain and bath mats into the washing machine is so handy when trying to tidy up after a whole family

Multiple mirrors

If your family consists of older children and teenagers, you may have learned that they like to use the mirror. FOR. HOURS, so having a double mirror or an extra magnified mirror will allow multiple people to use the mirror, because, let’s face it, the bathroom always seems to have the best lighting.


Stable toilet seats

When you have four of five people using one or two bathrooms, the toilet seat is going to take a lot of strain, so making sure you have a seat that won’t slip or break is important. Using a Flexi-Fix toilet seat is a good way to ensure your seat won’t be slipping out from under you!


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Madison , 04 Oct 2018 @ 7:23pm

Lots of great tips, thanks for sharing! There are so many little things you can do to create a functional and spacious family bathroom. When doing bathroom installations for families we always help maximise storage and safety and create space so that multiple people can take advantage of the room when necessary. A family bathroom takes a lot of wear and tear so you want sure it's ready for every scenario. https://www.rygas.co.uk/

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