Creating an Easy Cleaning Bathroom
It’s safe to say that although we are becoming a nation of cleaning lovers thanks to online gurus such as Mrs Hinch and Lynsey Queen of Clean. Despite this there are still a lot of us that don’t and will never enjoy the dreaded bathroom clean.

Fear not, tailoring your bathroom to be more ‘cleaning friendly’ will make it easier to keep your room looking fresh with minimal cleaning required (you are welcome!).

Look or the self-cleaning sign!

We live in a time where you can get almost everything with a ‘self-cleaning’ version, and toilets and showers are no exception. It goes without saying that these aren’t completely self-reliant and never require any cleaning, but they are designed to reduce the scrubbing time.

Our self-cleaning shower handset comes with a lever that when pushed ejects any lime scale deposits collected in the nozzles, keeping your shower experience as good as new every time.

Dry bath mats after each use

We always recommend drying your bath mat after each use to extend the lifetime of the product, but by giving it a quick wash down and drying it you’ll reduce the build-up of soap scum that can so easily stick to bath mats. Our bath mats also come with an anti-microbial additive to reduce the build-up of harmful bacteria.



Choose a darker grout

White grouting can be the bane of every bathroom. Once it starts to discolour it’s very difficult to restore it back to its former glory without harsh and sometimes costly chemicals. If you’re planning an update a darker grout is something to consider.



The larger the tile the less grouting

Carrying on from the grouting issues, by choosing a larger tile on your walls or floors you’ll reduce the amount of grouting needed, so if you do prefer a lighter grout this could be another option for the dreaded discolouring.



Always use the extractor fan

The extractor fan is an important part of the bathroom, and excessive moisture in the bathroom is how rapid mould growth can occur. During every bath or shower ensure you’re using the extractor fan, and if possible open a window. Leave the extractor fan on for 5-10 minutes after the shower and open the door.

Use your squeegee

It takes seconds, but having a squeegee to go over the tiles and shower screen after the shower is one of the biggest time savers. We all know how stubborn water marks are, so beating them at the source is one way to stop the watermark build-up.



Always have a cloth handy

Keeping a cloth ready to use in your bathroom can allow you to do a quick wipe around when you’re in there. Hair can build up very quickly on white ceramics and getting rid of them quickly can keep the bathroom looking clean and tidy.

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