Creating your perfect summer bathroom
As the longer days start to arrive, and the warmer (sometime) weather begins to kick in, we thought it would be a great time to look at how you can open up your bathroom and make it look bright and sunny.
In a lot of bathrooms, windows aren’t the main detail to be incorporated into the design and layout. Sometimes it’s just not practical due to the nature of the room and the privacy needed. Although this is with good reason it can leave your bathroom looking dull and lacking the right lighting.

A bathroom is meant to be a relaxing space. Whether you look forward to a relaxing soak or precious time with your little ones you can tailor your bathroom to suit any requirements. Whatever your reasons, everyone needs a place to feel completely at ease and comfortable.

Whether you like a sleek modern look or a cosy vintage style, every bathroom has the potential to provide that bright and relaxing atmosphere. We have a few tips and ideas to help you achieve your place to simmer down.

Bathroom colours and contrasts:

Look at achieving a bright and colourful space, and finding the colours that help to open up the room. We think that yellow and grey go perfectly together, as well as pastel pink and grey. The contrast between the light and dark colours allows the lighter colours to pop and really bring out the brighter shades.

A light aqua blue really sets the tone in a bathroom, making it a bright and open space. Just make sure you add some complimentary accessories and décor, like flowers, pictures and ornaments.

Keeping the room tidy and minimalist:

Find bathroom accessories that keep the space clean and tidy. A tidy bathroom makes a tidy mind! And the less clutter, the less dust to clean! It’s a win win situation. We have lots of excellent products perfect for maintaining an orderly and sleek area.

Chinnock Vanity Unit in white and grey-This is a contemporary unit that utilises the space under the sink that would frequently go unused
Danby beauty station in white and grey-This brings more storage for items that would often clutter the bathroom. It has a useful pull down tray to put your products while in use, which can then be folded away neatly.
Two tier hook over basket-This hook over basket allows you to store all of your shower products in one handy unit. With no drilling or fixing needed it couldn’t be easier to keep the shower and bath area free from clutter. Simply hook it over the shower screen.

A breath of fresh air:

Plants and flowers are so important to our eco system, and filling your home with them can really improve the whole environment. We recommend adding some low maintenance plants or flowers to your bathroom to give it more life and better air quality.

Try looking for plants such as a cactus (they don’t have to be prickly! You can get some really beautiful cacti), orchids, or anything you feel fits in with the room. They add life and colour to the room, not to mention all of the health benefits!

Whenever possible, try to keep the bathroom well ventilated. If you have a small window great! But if you don’t then make sure you’re keeping the door open when you can so that fresh air can pass through.

Adding the final touches:

The last little touches don’t take much, but they can really make a basic room feel cosy and safe. Take a look at a few ideas we have to help you achieve just that.

Updating your shower curtain-A shower curtain stands in the middle of the room, no matter where you look you can still see it, so it is important that you like it! The curtain can complete the room, and choosing one that goes with your colour scheme can really pull everything together. Take a look at our vast range of shower curtains.

Bathroom mats- A bathroom mat sits confidently in the middle of the floor. So why not take time to choose one that suits your personality? They help add that luxury and cosy feel for your feet once you get out of the bath or shower.

Bathroom accessories- look at adding small details like matching soap dispensers and toothbrush holders, a waterproof speaker, maybe even a bit of glitter? Make sure your bathroom mimics your personality, this way you will always feel calm and relaxed in your bathroom.

All of these ideas will help to create an open and relaxed atmosphere for your bathroom.

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