Croydex's guide to starting life as a student
At Croydex we understand the struggles that can come with student accommodation. Chances are it’s your first time living away from home. First year accommodation is often shared with other student’s you haven’t had the chance to get to know yet. That combined with the new influx of knowledge, nightlife and mountains of paperwork you don’t know whether you’re coming or going.
Factor in a shared bathroom and you might be feeling a bit out of your comfort zone. We have some simple and cheap solutions to make surviving your first year just that little bit easier.

Set some boundaries

Every shared bathroom needs boundaries and areas that each user can call theirs. This can be done with storage boxes, shelves or caddy’s. They give you peace of mind that what’s yours is yours and eliminates the chance of someone accidently using your shampoo.

Let’s face it, when living as a student shampoo doesn’t come cheap!


Shop second-hand

Whether it’s clothes, electronics, furniture or just some home comforts, always look for second hand options first. You’ll be amazed just how much money you can save when you choose to shop second-hand. Not only does it contribute to our much needed circular economy, but it can be the difference of £10’s and £100’s!

Look for local charity, thrift and up-cycle shops and start hunting! There is always more choice when you move to a larger city, but almost every town has at least one second hand store.


Set a cleaning timetable

Cleaning your shared bathroom shouldn’t be taken lightly, it’s important to keep your bathroom clean, especially when it’s being used by multiple people. Create a schedule for everyone to chip in and take it in turns to give the bathroom a good scrub down.

You may get some resistance, but you’re all in this together.

It’s never fair when one person is pulling all of the weight so if you’re the one with an allergy to cleaning you’re going to need to step up!

You can take preventative measures to reduce the cleaning time like keeping a squeegee near the shower, drying the bath mat after each use and regularly washing the bath mat.

Create a bathroom schedule

We’re not asking you to go full Sheldon Cooper on your room mates, but having a schedule to work around each other’s lectures and classes will save a lot of arguing in the mornings. If you’ve got later starts than everyone else, why not agree to use the bathroom later?

It can be a difficult routine to get into, especially if you’re used to having your own bathroom where you were living before, but after a couple of weeks it’s like second nature to you.
Invest in a chalk or white board so there are no excuses for missing a time slot or running over!


Look for local deals

Being a student can often result in eating some questionable meals to keep within your weekly budget, but we’ve recently seen the introduction of ‘wonky veg boxes’ in mainstream supermarket stores and refill wholefood stores in most cities and towns. See what’s available locally and find ways to eat cheaply but still have your much needed vitamins and minerals to keep your head in the game.

There are lots of blogs, YouTube channels and free online magazines with a huge variety of healthy and affordable meal ideas.


Buy bulk items together

If you’ve got a flat mate that uses the same shampoo, eats the same butter, drinks the same milk and uses the same cleaning products as you, it’s more often than not more cost effective to split the bill and buy together. As long as you are fair and have an agreement that you won’t go OTT and make daily milkshakes and lather the butter on 6 slices of toast every morning.

This is usually more achievable when you’re a few months in and have had a chance to get to know your flat mates.

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