22 January 2019
Eco-friendly bathroom tips
How many of us are guilty of having a less than eco-friendly bathroom? In the wake of the plastic epidemic we could all use a helping hand in reducing the amount of single use plastic and chemicals we store in our cupboards. The bathroom is an excellent place to start, because these simple swaps can really make a difference to the amount of plastic and waste you throw away every day.

Replace make-up and baby wipes

Did you know that most make-up and baby wipes are made with plastic?! Choosing a reusable cloth or sponge is a great alternative to using 1 (or 3) wipes each day. There are so many options nowadays for really high quality reusable face and baby sponges that single use wipes are no longer necessary!

For stubborn make-up your saving grace is coconut oil! It cuts through even waterproof makeup leaving your whole face makeup free and baby soft!

Choose an Aqua Air shower handset

Showers use up most of the water in the whole household, so by choosing a handset that is designed to use up to 50% less water you’re already making a huge environmental difference! Our Aqua Air handsets are the perfect accompaniment for an eco-friendly bathroom.

Opt for solid products

Have you noticed the rise in solid shampoo, conditioner, body wash and other bathroom products? These can be really high quality, and tend to last longer than a bottle of the same product, saving the planet while saving your money too!
It also reduces the size and amount of products clogging up your shower area, use a reusable metal container to keep each separate and you’ll notice a huge difference in room and price!

Buy local

Another way to reduce your environmental impact on the planet is to opt for products produced locally. They've traveled less miles to get to you and they're probably a lot better for you! Find a local store that does handmade bathroom products, these are usually made with natural ingredients and essential oils too!

Bamboo all the way

It’s recommended that you change your tooth brush every 3 months, and most standard toothbrushes are made from solid plastic, which won’t biodegrade. Imagine a tooth brush out-living you! When you next replace your tooth brush go for a bamboo one, they’re just as effective and are able to break down once replaced.

Every health shop has a selection of natural tooth paste, which doesn’t contain any nasty chemicals. The same can be said for dental floss, there’s a huge variety of bio-degradable dental floss which can also contain charcoal (Hello sparkling teeth!), so there’s no excuse for your dental hygiene to have an effect on the planet.

Turn off those taps

One really easy way to have an eco-friendly bathroom is by turning your taps off when you don’t need them! It’s such a simple way to reduce your impact on the planet and your water bills!

Another water saving tip is to install flow limiters to all of your taps, this gives you more of an aerated water flow, and reduces water consumption without even noticing!

Choose soap refills or bars of soap

There’s two options with soap, bulk buy soap and invest in a refillable soap dispenser, or choose a bar of soap. Each choice is much better than replacing the bottle every time, and again this will last a lot longer and save you money.

Clean eco-friendly

Home-made cleaning solutions are a fantastic way to effectively clean your bathroom without sending any nasty chemicals down the drain. The favourites in the natural cleaning department are bicarbonate of soda, vinegar, lemon, grapefruit and salt. Having all of these products to hand will ensure your bathroom is kept clean without compromising the environment.


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