Effective Clutter Control
When designing or decorating a bathroom, storage, and where to put it seems to be the issue we’re all hit with time and time again. The bathroom is arguably one of the busiest rooms in the home so it’s no surprise that it can be messy pretty quickly.

Here are some tips to help you tackle the clutter!

Start with a de-clutter

We know it’s not the greatest task to be doing on a Sunday morning, but it needs to be done, this way you’ll know how much storage you actually need. You’ll find that once you de-clutter what you already have you’ll have more of an idea of how much storage is really needed; reducing the amount you spend on storing products you have no intension of using.

This isn’t a one-time thing. Keeping your bathroom in order requires regular de-clutters, but these will get easier once you’ve done your initial de-clutter.



If it doesn’t need to be there, take it out

We often accumulate products in the bathroom that don’t really need to be there. Creams and moisturisers are repeat offenders, and unless you do always apply these straight after the shower, they could probably be moved out of the bathroom.   



Get creative

Don’t go for the standard storage solutions first. Bathrooms often have some weird and wonderful layouts and shapes to utilise for storage. If there’s a corner that is left bare because it’s in an awkward space, use this space first for your storage solutions, utilise spaces that are being ignored and make the most of those unique crevices.


Keep as many items off the floor

Clutter is maximised once it’s on the floor, it makes the room look smaller and less tidy. If it’s not in a corner caddy or basket, try to use storage that elevates the clutter. Hooks, shelved and cabinets are all effective solutions for this.


Minimise the decorative items

As pretty as they may seem, taking up storage space for decorative items like vases, ornaments, memorabilia etc. will make your bathroom look more cluttered, not to mention the extra cleaning that comes with it. If you want to give the bathroom decorative touches choose wall art because it doesn’t require much maintenance or surface space.



Don’t overdo the bath toys

When you have a young family, it’s inevitable that you’ll also have some colourful bath toys building up in the bathroom. Leaving them in the bath isn’t only adding to the clutter, it can be a dangerous trip hazard for when you’re using the shower. Choose a closed caddy or small box to keep them all away and out of sight, it also allows you to limit the toys bought into the bathroom.



Choose an appropriate shower caddy

Shower caddies can be one, two or three tier, and the one you choose is usually dependant on how many people are using that shower. If it’s just one person, then a 1 tier caddy should be enough (obviously depending on how many shower products you use!), a family of three or four will benefit more from a three tier caddy. They not only reduce clutter but can help you to organise each users products, giving them a shelf each and minimising arguments over who used your shampoo!


Everything is in its place and a place for everything.

Give all of your bathroom clutter a home and you will find tidying much easier. Give your soap a soap dish, give your toothbrush a holder and give your toilet roll a basket. This way you won’t find yourself hunting for anything and wading through the products to find your own.

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