15 June 2018
Fathers Day
With Fathers Day fast approaching we have got some great gift ideas that are sure to show your Dad some love.
Gadgets and Gizmos
If gadgets and gizmos are something your dad loves then there is always something available. From a Fitbit to a new TV, anything that will give them hours of enjoyment, it could even be something they might not have even thought of. Music loving dads will love a Bluetooth shower speaker, which will let them sing their hearts out to their favourite songs. Getting your dad something that will give him hours of enjoyment is just what he may need.

Mini Makeover
Now I think we can all agree that most fathers are set in their ways. Most like to be in a routine that suits them so this means changing it and the things they do could be troublesome. They like what they like and that’s what they’ve been doing for years so why change it? Well, maybe getting them something that is a little different could be the answer. Whether it is getting them a piece of clothing in a style you know they like but in a different colour. Or getting them something for their skin, nothing too complicated but something with an SPF to give them a little protection before they leave the house, little things can mean just as much as getting them the something you know they like but that they already have dozens of.

Make it personal
Anything with your dad’s name or something with a sweet note engraved onto it will be a big hit. If he has a sweet teeth, maybe try a personalised jar of sweets together. Alternatively you could get him his favourite type of alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage and add a personalised pint glass into the mix. If he is a fan of spice or has a favourite brand of coffee, give him a supply that he will use for a few months before he needs to stock up again. The possibilities really are endless.

Give him a giggle
If you’re dad loves a laugh there are always gifts that will give him and everyone else a giggle. Depending on the type of humour you dad has of course. There’s joke books, or funny slogan t-shirts, the options are for things you could give your dad are endless, you could even give him a new toilet seat fit for a king if you think he would appreciate it!

Plan a day he’ll love
Whether he’s a sports fanatic, music lover or art enthusiast, plan a day for the future where he gets to do something he would love to do. Going with him (even if it’s not your style) would also mean a lot to him. Try to figure out if he’ll be free on the day you want to do something, or just tell him a fib so he will be free on that day, it’s a little white lie and he’ll understand when the he sees the tickets. If you haven’t managed to get the tickets yet, or they’re in the post put a little I.O.U or a confirmation email in his Fathers Day card to show you have planned something for him.

These are just a few suggestions on how to treat your dad this Fathers Day, we think that any of these ideas will bring a smile on your Dad’s face.  And if none of these are what you think your dad will like, there’s always a packet of socks and a nice tie.

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