Finishing touches for guest bathrooms
It’s that time of year when our houses are filled with friends and family, and our bathrooms are getting more use than they’ve ever received. Here are our top tips on creating the best guest bathroom to help your visitors feel relaxed and welcome.
Invest in some luxury hotel style towels

No one likes using old towels, especially when you’re away for the Christmas holiday. Invest in some luxury, hotel style towels to ensure your guests have a soft, warm towel to use after their bath or shower.

Memory foam bathroom mat

For added comfort and luxury, include a memory foam bathroom mat so your guests can step straight from the shower onto a soft cushioned surface. Our pebble memory foam mats provide comfort as well as a sophisticated pebble effect to the bathroom.

Add some sweet smells

If you have a separate guest bathroom, it’s quite likely that this bathroom doesn’t get a lot of use. Before your guest arrive make sure you leave reed diffusers or a scented candle to give the room a welcoming sweet or festive smell.

Allow for storage

Everyone loves their home comforts, so always leave space for your guests to keep their own products. Whether they like a certain shampoo that they always use or like to keep all their makeup and moisturisers out and in full view, providing space for these is important.

Incorporate flowers

Nothing is more inviting than some greenery or a bunch of flowers. If room allows it, add some of these to the bathroom to provide a colourful focal point and keep the air pure and clean.

Ensure its inclusive

If you have relatives and friends visiting, ensure the bathroom is well equipped to meet their needs. This may mean adding grab bars, shower stools and chairs. We have a selection of stylish inclusive products to give your guest safety and independence within their guest bathroom.

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