Get your children involved in cleaning this festive holiday!
Do you have children that are less than enthusiastic when it comes to lending a hand in cleaning? Whether they like it or not we are all equally responsible for mess and clutter that accumulates within the home (some more than others!), and getting children involved is a great way to teach them the importance of a tidy and clean living environment.

Create a fun chart

Make sure you have a clear and structured routine in place so your children know exactly what is expected of them on each day. Spreading the chores out over the week can make them seem less daunting. A white or chalk board are great for this because each chore can be ticked off so you know who’s done what!

Create their own cleaning caddy

Giving them their own caddy with a collection of cleaning products allows them to take more ownership of their chores. Include microfibre cloths, sponges, dustpan and brush, dusters and natural cleaner


Make it fun

Setting a timer and seeing if they can get all their chores done before it ends can make cleaning a fun game. If there’s more than one see who can finish first, or make it a competition between you and them.


Give them chores suitable for their age

You don’t want your child using a disinfectant in the toilet at the age of three, so choosing chores that are suitable for them is essential. Simple chores include:

Making their bed

Clearing away all their toys

Taking out the recycling

Dusting and cleaning mirrors



Setting and clearing the table


Make the cleaning simple

Using labels and colour coding cloths and storage containers makes cleaning and tidying much simpler for younger children. Let them have some fun using different ways of labelling each storage basket. This way they are more likely to use it.


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