It's Officially Bubble Bath Weather
We’re well into bubble bath weather, and a relaxing soak on a Sunday evening is the only way to make the most of it before another week of work, right?
Here are five ways to make your next bath just that bit more luxurious

Incorporate luxury bath products

Bath salts, scrubs, oils and bombs can make an average bath feel like a luxurious and revitalising bath. Scented oils can permeate the room and by choosing scents like lavender and rose you can increase muscle relaxation and reduce tension.


Make use of your bath bench

Our bamboo bath bench is a great product to use in the bath because if you can’t spend 30 minutes without having something to do you can prop your book or tablet up for a relaxing reading session.



Light some scented candles

If you maybe have sensitive skin or don’t want to add an array of scents into your bath you don’t have to miss out. Scented candles offer a great relaxing environment, and whether you’re a spice lover or more of a citrus person, there’s always a candle to tingle your senses.



Use a bath pillow

Let’s be honest, the ceramic surface of the bath isn’t the most comfortable place to rest your head, so adding a bath pillow will improve your comfort and stop your neck hurting from leaning too far back.

Always rinse the bath when you’re finished

Maybe not the most relaxing part of a bath, but ensuring you rinse down the bath, especially when you’ve used bath products is essential to keeping the bath clean and reduces build-up of dirt, leaving it ready for your next relaxing bath.

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