Making an impact without making an ‘impact’
Updating your bathroom can come with risks if you’re not a skilled DIYer, and the biggest fear among us with updating our bathrooms is drilling a hole somewhere only to discover it’s not in the exact place you’d like, or it’s not even straight!
What if you could make some major changes without any drilling or permanent damage? We have a few ideas to help you make that much needed update you’ve been putting off without the risk of tools!

A bathroom update can be different ideas for different people. To some it means updating the towels and bath mats, to others it can be a whole renovation from head to toe! Why not try giving these ideas a go and you will be surprised what you could get done in such little time and effort.

Starting from the bottom-Bath mats and rugs

Never underestimate the difference a bath rug or mat can make. It can add a pop of colour and bring the whole room together. This requires no preparation or DIY, all you have to do is take it out of the box! At Croydex we love our bath mats and rugs (if you didn’t notice this already) and have ones to meet every need.

You can have memory foam mats, making the bathroom just that bit comfier, or a colourful textile one. Our in bath mats can also add some personality to the room. Have a look at a few of the mats featured here.


Shower curtains

Adding a patterned shower curtain to the room is the equivalent to adding some art to your bedroom wall. It can make a bold statement and requires very little DIY to hang up. It’s also easy to swap if you fancy a change from a bold curtain to a more subtle design.


Adding some accessories

Changing the accessories in your bathroom can seem quite daunting. Filling in all of the pre-existing drill holes, waiting for them to dry and then drilling the new holes, hoping it’s not too close to the previous ones. The thought of all of this can deter people from changing their bathroom accessories.

If you’re ready to ditch the old style accessories and breathe some life back into your bathroom then you may be happy to learn more about our Flexi-Fix range. Our unique X plate allows pre-existing holes to be re-used, but if you don’t have any holes you can even use the super strong glue to fix the in place. Most of our accessories now come with Flexi-Fix so you won’t have problems finding the right style.


Easy storage

Adding some storage to your bathroom without any DIY is the perfect way to de-clutter! Adding accessories like a shower screen caddy or an in shower basket is so easy when you use accessories from the Press ‘n’ Lock or Stick ‘n’ Lock range. You’ll be surprised just how many wall mounted accessories require little or no drilling.


Statement toilet seats

People tend to ignore the toilet seat, but don’t realise how much impact it can make to the bathroom décor. Most seats come in a plain and simple white, which does always look great and goes with every bathroom you could think of, but why not try out a wooden one, or a coloured stone effect seat to add more of a quirky styling. You can even add a bit of glitter!

Toilet seats can be easy to install and don’t require any drilling.


Try out a new shower head

By changing your shower head you can improve your whole shower experience! You might prefer a stronger one or an overhead one but whichever you prefer you can add some comfort to your shower.

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