Making Bath Time Less Stressful
We all know that bathing a toddler can be tricky to say the least! But it doesn’t have to be like that, by trying some techniques to help them enjoy their bath rather than wanting it to be over as soon as possible, you can make bath time an enjoyable bonding opportunity.

Turn bath time into story time!

Making bath time a chance to hear a story is a great way to get children excited for the bath, this way they may just want to stay in the bath long enough to have a proper wash! There are lots of waterproof stories and picture books available, meaning they can get involved as well.


Create a chart

Putting a chart up in the bathroom with different tasks like washing hair, scrubbing face, cleaning teeth etc., and getting them to tick it off as they go helps them to take control of their bath time, and allows them to choose the order they do each task.


Children love to be surrounded by fun colours and pictures. Opting for a bath mat or shower curtain with rubber ducks or sea creatures on it is going to be more appealing to them. If they see the fun products in the bath they are more likely to want to have a bath!

Singing songs

Take a Bluetooth speaker with you and play their favourite songs to sing, while they’re singing along take the opportunity to wash their hair.

Tackle the hair first

Everyone knows how much children hate having their hair washed, so getting their hair washed and rinsed first is the best way for them to enjoy the rest of their bath.

Make sure the room is warm

Remember that children notice the cold more, and if they’re going to be sitting in a shallow bath they are going to get cold very quickly, ensure you have a warm room temperature for them, and make sure you have everything you need to hand i.e. warm towel, clean nappy and clothes to make sure they don’t get too cold.

Find a time that suits you and them

If you child is tired and sleepy after dinner, bath them earlier. There’s nothing worse than getting a sleepy child to get into the bath, so make sure you time their bath time for a time they won’t be sleepy and agitated.

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