18 July 2018
More to store?
We know a big issue with bathrooms is storage. There never seems to be enough! Additionally more often than not the storage you do have is completely overloaded with all of your bathroom products.. Every time you open the cupboard door you’re met with an avalanche of shampoos, bath bombs, cotton buds and more!
Why not try some stylish storage solutions to put an end to cluttered cupboards?

Here are some ideas to help you tackle the chaos!

Vanity units:

Vanity units sit neatly under your bathroom sink making the most out of unused space.

Due to the variety of styles and sizes you can either go for a small and subtle design or something that can act as a focal point in the room. It all depends on your personal taste! Have a look at a few examples we have available.

Standing floor cupboards:

If you find yourself with some floor space, why not try a standing floor unit? Available with or without doors, and in a variety of sizes you are sure to find something that suits your bathroom. They are an excellent, stylish way to keep all of your products in one place.


Shelves offer storage using just wall space. They are easy to install and provide an effective solution to keeping your room organised. Shelves allow you to keep your products on display and easy to reach. Have a look at this excellent shelving/storage unit currently available on our website!

Bath and shower baskets

Baskets are perfect for keeping the shower area clear and in order. You can keep your shampoo, conditioner, bubble bath and sponges all in one handy carrier. Available are a selection of plastic, stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium options.

All baskets are also designed to be fully functional in the wet showering area meaning that rusting and discolouring does not occur.
Bath panel storage

If you really don't have much room for anything other than the absolute essentials then a bath panel storage unit would be perfect. Everything is kept hidden away, in a area that you probably never even thought to use for storage! 

This also helps to keep your bathroom completely clutter free. I mean, who's to know you have everything perfectly hidden behind there?

All of these effective storage solutions offer an elegant and sophisticated look to your bathroom, giving you more surface space and less clutter.

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