02 April 2019
NHIM-30 minute updates
Are you looking to make some updates to your bathroom but don’t want to spend all day doing it? We’ve put together a selection of effective updates that take 30 mins or less!

Upgrade your toilet seat

A toilet seat can make a real statement, it stands out in the bathroom and if you really hate the one you have, you can’t get away from it! Changing your toilet seat is simple with our Flexi-Fix V-plate. It's adjustable, the fixing holes can be between 110 and 200mm, so there’s a seat for everyone!

The V plate works using a peel and grip stick pad, with collapsible supports, making it a simple process. Once you have lined the fixing pads up you just need to collapse the supports and secure the seat in place. We also have a number of seats featuring a soft close mechanism, quick release for easy cleaning, and all are treated with anti-bacterial properties.


Shower curtains

If you have a shower curtain that’s beginning to look a bit tired or outdated, you can really transform your bathroom by updating this and giving it a fresh clean look. We have a selection of shower curtains that can add a fresh lease of life to any bathroom, and all come treated with an anti-microbial surface to help combat the build-up of mould and mildew.


Added storage

Storage is precious in a bathroom, so having the option to easily add more is a no brainer! Shower caddys are stylish and practical. It gives you one place for all of your showering products, and stops them from cluttering the side of your bath. These are another really quick and easy bathroom improvement, and if you don’t fancy drilling don’t sweat! We have a selection of Press ‘n’ Lock, Stick ‘n’ Lock and Flexi-Fix baskets to choose from.


Lease of life

Most bathroom walls are taken over by tiles, only leaving a small amount of wall space, but don’t think that because it’s a small wall space that it can’t make a difference! Try adding some colour or a stylish neutral tone to the bathroom. It’s simple, quick and relatively cheap to do!


Improve your showering experience

Not all improvements have to be aesthetic, why not upgrade your shower handset to a 3 or 5 function set, with a water saving device too?! This way you’re treating yourself to a spa like experience with reduced water bills. I’d say that’s a win, win situation!


Up your towel game

Like everyone, our towels can get quite tired, so why not turn your tatty old towels into cleaning cloths and update the towels you have? You just can’t beat that warm fluffy towel feeling!

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