NHIM-5 Ways to Incorporate colours
In a time where grey and white are the in-trend bathroom colours, why not go against the grain by adding some bright colours and textures to your bathroom? The bathroom is the first room most of us go to in the morning, so having uplifting colours can really set your mood for the day. This doesn’t always mean painting, so here are some alternative ways to incorporate these colours without picking up a paint brush.

Wall art

Choosing to include wall art in your bathroom is cheap and easy. Not only does it add colour but it also adds illustrations, textures and (depending on the art) can even add a story or a memory.

Illustrated accessories

Speaking of illustrations, have you seen our Steven Brown collection of toilet seats and shower curtains?! They are sure to add some vibrant colours. With the choice of the highland cow Angus McCoo and the giraffe friends Francie and Josie you can decide if you want to stay close to home with Angus or venture overseas to Africa with Francie and Josie.

Bathroom foliage

Adding a few floor standing, hanging or smaller plants not only adds colours but it also adds life to the room. This isn’t possible with every bathroom because not all have windows, but if you are lucky enough to have natural night in your bathroom plants are an easy and cheap investment. Another bonus is that plants have excellent air purifying properties, and can cleanse and clean the air as well as look beautiful.

Bath mats

Colourful bath and bathroom mats can make a real statement in the room. Check out our yellow and Aqua bathroom mats made from a mix of cotton and polyester or for some added texture try one of our patterned bathroom mats. They’re perfect for extra comfort for your feet after a bath or shower.

Shower curtains

If you’re bored of your current shower curtain why not opt for a patterned one? They’re a really simple update that can not only add colour but can change the whole look of the bathroom. Because this is such a simple update it can easily be changed whenever you feel like it.


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