15 April 2019
NHIM-DIY Preparation
For some of us it can be the preparation of DIY that can really put us off even starting! So getting yourself organised can be a really great motivator to get those jobs done and dusted! Here are 5 steps to take to make DIY just that little bit easier for you.


When you’ve got your plan written down on paper with a list of everything you need, everything that needs prepping, and a basic time scale you’re far more likely to start. When everything is swimming around in your head it can be daunting, so getting it all out on paper and into an orderly list can be a real time saver. It also eliminates the second trip to the DIY store because you forgot the paint brushes!


Make time

Once you have you plan written down make sure that you’ve given yourself enough time to get the job done. Always over estimate the amount of time it will take, this stops you rushing to get finished because you’ve got to get dinner on!


Wear appropriate clothing

If you’re not an avid DIYer you might not have your go-to DIY clothes that are covered in plaster and paint, so always pick clothes that are old, worn, ripped and comfy. There’s no point in buying new clothes just for the purpose of getting them dirty. Everyone has at least one pair of trousers and a top in their wardrobe that they no longer wear, so why not give them a new lease of life?!


Always have a second pair of hands

It might not be a two person job, but having that extra pair of hands there for when you need can be a real time saver. Never try to lift something heavy by yourself and if you don’t feel comfortable with what you’re doing, ask for help or get a professional in. DIY is a really effective way to spend your time, but a trip to the emergency room isn’t!


Never attempt anything you’re unsure of

Cutting costs on getting a professional can not only be dangerous, but can cost you more in the long run. Always get a professional in for plumbing, electrical and plastering if you’re not trained yourself. Attempting something you’re not comfortable doing can lead to mistakes, which can be a pricy mistake when you need a professional to correct it.

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