NHIM-Top 5 Bathroom Renovation Mistakes
As part of National Home Improvement Month we are not only looking at bathroom renovation tips, but how to avoid any bathroom renovation mistakes. Here are the top 5 renovation mistakes make in the bathroom.

1. Leaving storage as an afterthought

We’ve all got bathroom products that need somewhere to go so that they’re not all out on display for the world to see. Not to mention the unsightly cleaning products just waiting to ruin the whole ambience of the room! By having a place for everything it not only ensures a tidy space but helps maintain hygiene. Incorporating a cabinet or bathroom furniture when planning a bathroom remodel will ensure you’re not fighting over room for your bath bombs!

For additional storage integrate wire-ware, wall mounted accessories and shower caddies into your bathroom.


2. Not considering size before you start

When planning your new bathroom, make sure the white goods are the appropriate size for the room. It’s no good cramming in an oversized hot tub bath into a small room leaving you with the choice between a toilet or a sink! Make your decisions wisely, and don’t rush into any decisions you make. This is your bathroom that you’re going to have to live with, so making sure it’s practical for you is the most important thing.


3. Not future proofing 

The hottest bathroom trends are great, but if you’re looking to create a bathroom to last through the ages you’re better of sticking to more of a neutral toned room with practical yet stylish pieces. If you’re brave enough then by all means go for that bold colour you’ve been so desperate to use, but keep in mind that this colour may or may not be the hottest trends this time next year. Whether you’re a trend setter, follower or have no interest in trends, it’s always important to think about the future when planning your next renovation.


4. Dull lighting

A bathroom always looks much cleaner and fresher with proper lighting, so make sure you’ve factored in some spot lights or illuminated cabinets or mirrors. This way you can dim the lights when you want to relax, but have a well-lit room day-to-day. Our illuminated cabinets and mirrors are all excellent ways of adding that extra lighting when you need.


5. Poor ventilation

Bathroom ventilation is extremely important. Not only does it reduce the humidity and steam when showering, it’s also a necessity when using any cleaning products. This is why ensuring that your bathroom is well ventilated is a must. If you’re lucky enough to have a window it’s a much smaller issue, but many bathrooms don’t have a window so making sure you’ve accounted for that necessary ventilation when planning is a huge factor that needs to be addressed.

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