Something as simple as adding a pop of colour could be the difference between loving your bathroom and wanting to do a full refurb! We often think that the only way to love our home is by remodelling it exactly how we like but learning to work with what we have is a great time and money saver!
So how do we add colour into our bathroom?

The most obvious way is through painting the walls or one feature wall. It gives the bathroom an instant lift and can take it from dank to dazzling!

Bathroom mats can give the bathroom a comfortable feel as well as some extra colour. You may not think much about the mat that sits in front of your bath, but you’ll be surprised the difference it can make!

Plants, plants, plants! You can’t go wrong with some foliage to brighten up and add colour to your bathroom. Many house plants thrive in a humid environment which is perfect for the bathroom. No surface space for your plants? Hanging planters are great for small spaces.

Choosing a colourful shower curtain is a sure-fire way to add some colour to the room. It’s bold, stands out and is usually in the middle of the room. Don’t be afraid of choosing a colourful curtain on our next DIY shop.

Wall art can take a bathroom that is dull and tired to dramatic and thrilling. No matter what your interests you can find some wall art to represent this and add some of your own personality to the room.

If you keep your towels stored on a rack in the bathroom then coordinating them with the rest of your accessories can help tie the bathroom together.

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