It’s a common issue with bathrooms that storage can be scarce. Considering we use the bathroom a lot and it’s the place to keep a lot of products, storage does sometimes become an afterthought in the designing process.
Here are some simple solutions to incorporate extra storage into your bathroom.

Utilise under-bath space with a storage bath panel. It’s space that regularly goes unnoticed and unused but is the perfect space to store all of your unsightly cleaning products.
Choosing a lockable one is also great for if you have young children.

If you currently have a bathroom mirror you might consider a mirrored cabinet. It sits nicely above your sink and keeps everything hidden away and tidy.

Wire shower caddies provide simple storage solutions and if you choose a hook-over one require no DIY to install. They are perfect for keeping shampoos, conditioners, body washes and everything else and can have multiple tiers, which works great for shared bathrooms.

Incorporating shelves can provide some much-needed surface area to keep your essentials in one place.

Free-standing storage baskets are a great option if you have some floor space free. They can have multiple tiers and are another ideal option for shared bathrooms.

Adding some towel and robe hooks around the bathroom provides a place to keep them out of the way and free more room for other bathroom necessities.


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