Simple bathroom hacks to save you time in the morning
I think we speak for everyone when we say a bit of extra time in the morning would come in handy, and while we can’t slow down time or stop the clocks, we can do these simple things to make the most of our mornings every day.

Be prepared

Before you go to bed, set out your clothes for the day, your towels for your shower and make sure all of your everyday toiletries are ready and in one place so you’re not left hunting around for them in the morning. It might not seem like a lot, but knowing where everything is can save you 5 precious minutes every morning.

Do a nightly clean

Waking up to a clean bathroom makes a world of difference. Just a simple run around with the all-purpose spray and cloth before bed can set you up for the next day. The bathroom is the first room we enter in the morning, so not having to give it a clean in the morning when you spot some dust or stains will save time for those who can’t see mess and ignore it!

Shower in the evening

Or better yet, skip the shower for a day-your hair will thank you for it! Showering in the evening can save heaps of time, especially if you’ve got long hair. Having a shower before bed is a perfectly hygienic way to save time. We’ve grown to believe that if we don’t shower every morning we are going to start smelling by lunchtime, this isn’t true! If you feel like you can’t not shower in the morning, why not wash your hair at night and do a quick body wash in the morning?

Ditch the phone

Other than the obvious hygiene issues with this, having your phone on you in the bathroom can waste more time than we care to count. People often take their phone in while showering or brushing their teeth and this can be a huge time waster in the morning. Take this time to relax and be away from your phone.

Consider a shower timer

If you decide you absolutely can’t go the morning without showering, why not consider a shower timer? This way you’re still getting your morning shower without the risk of overrunning. You can set it to 2 or 3 minutes making sure you not only get a move on but also save a tonne of water.

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