The importance of individual styling
Style can mean different things for different people, for some, a stylish sleek home could be a boring, uncharacteristic home, and a country home could be someone else’s personal taste, but to other’s it’s outdated.


Why should we maintain our own style?

We all have our own individual tastes and personalities, and letting this shine through in our home and décor is important to maintaining a calm and happy home life. You wouldn’t want to come home every day to a home that completely clashes with your own identity. Making your stamp and inviting others to see your own style is what makes home décor so fun and liberating.


What is individual styling?

This is your own exacting standards, styles, colours, materials, and sizes etc. You can have similar style preferences to others but they may prefer a darker shade of grey, a different material for the settee, different shower styles or another material toilet seat.



How do you find your own style?

Experimenting with different styles, following home décor blogs, browsing shops online and window shopping on the high street, and not getting hung up on the latest home and garden trends are all excellent ways to keep you home exactly to your standards and individuality.

You may find that when browsing websites and magazines that you like a product or colour you never would have chosen had you not seen it in situ.

Bathroom styling is a great way to incorporate your individuality to a place that is personal, and it can be a good place to start because there is so much that can be styled. Deciding on a toilet seat, shower curtain or screen, shower style, mirror style, storage, colours, accessories, tiles and mats are all possible changes and improvements.



Adding your style on a budget

So how do you do renovations on a budget? DIY! Even learning the basics of DIY can save a lot of money, upcycling furniture, sanding and repainting are perfect examples of having unrecognisable and unique homeware for a fraction of the budget!

Exploring the local DIY shops are great places for inspiration, and you will start to see ideas forming in your head as you look around!

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