The importance of investing in long lasting products

When you’re living in student accommodation, and money is tight, you don’t want to be going out and replacing items that you bought just last month. Investing in long lasting products will save you a small fortune in the long run.
Choosing products like “rust free”, “machine washable” or “self-cleaning” will give you the peace of mind that they will be as good as new even when you finish your studies.

Why choose “Rust free”?

Rust free is available in three different guarantees-Five year, Ten year and Lifetime. The main benefit being that once you have invested in your product you won’t have to worry about repeat purchasing.

Rust free is part of all of our in-shower baskets, caddys and wire-ware storage. Most of our toilet seat hinges come with ABS anti-rust chrome plated hinges, leaving you less cleaning time without those stubborn rust marks. And for the clean/tidy obsessed out there, you know how frustrating those rust marks can be!


Why buy machine washable?

Bathroom products that you can use in the washing machine are massively understated. It’s like you have a new accessory every time you wash it, without having to spend any money!

If you think about how often a shared bathroom is used, and how quickly it can get dirty, being able to put items like the shower curtain and bath mat in the washing machine ensures your bathroom will always stay clean and dirt free.

A bathroom mat is one of the main bathroom products for collecting dust, dirt and bacteria, because it's always on the floor. So having the peace of mind that you can put it into the washing machine won't leave you fearing for your feet!


Why buy Anti-microbial or Anti-bacterial?

Anti-Bacterial products are treated to protect against harmful bacteria like E-coli, MRSA, Listeria, Salmonella, and also protects against Odours, Mould and Mildew and Staining. This keeps the products safe to use. Most of our toilet seats are treated with the Anti-bacterial treatment.

Protecting against issues like staining, mould and mildew and odours means the seat will last through the years, saving you money in the long run.

Anti-microbial is a treatment we use on many of our shower curtains. It is a treatment that helps to reduce or prevent the growth of germs, keeping them fresher, safer and more hygienic.


Why buy self-cleaning?

Self-cleaning is a useful extra to have. It is available on selected shower heads and works by having small internal pins that eject the lime scale deposits, ensuring you always have a full and relaxing shower, perfect for if you’ll be living somewhere with hard water.

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