19 February 2019
Top 5 Trends for 2019
Everyone knows the phrase ‘New Year, new me’. But have you heard the phrase ‘New Year, new bathroom’? Well this year you really could create your New Year bathroom by giving it a colour, tile, design or storage makeover. We’ve had a look at our favourite bathroom trends for 2019 and have put together our top five.

Peach/pink colours:

It might not sound appealing, but the peach/pink colour in the bathroom is really starting to make a comeback, and (done right) can really add that sophisticated modern look to the room. It’s also very warming, and in a room like the bathroom that something you’re going to want!

By adding a feature wall or some bathroom décor in the peach/pink colour you can add that pop of colour without committing to the full room.


Stone effect:

Opting for a rustic stone effect to finish your bathroom off is a trend that doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere fast! Pairing it with an overhead shower and you’ll create that feeling of being in a dreamy outdoor shower in the middle of the Bahamas!
Rustic is definitely the new modern, and has the added bonus of being naturally water resistant.


If you haven’t notices the huge boom in isometric patterns over the last year where have you been?! Starting in bedrooms and kitchens, these patterns have started to creep their way into our bathrooms, with the additions of isometric storage, tiles and décor.
Why not try out the isometric trend yourself with a basket or light cover. It may enlighten your new love for brave and exciting templates.

Minimal styling:

2019 really seems to be the year on the minimalists! But why are people so convinced by minimal styling? Not only does it reduce cleaning time, it also saves money and is good for the environment. Too many people nowadays are purchasing for the sake of it, but buying all of these products that are used once or twice and then thrown away is a huge issue for the planet. Which is why more and more people are opting for necessary purchases and avoiding the pull of bargain shop deals!

Without any clutter in the bathroom there’s nowhere for dust to gather. This can drastically reduce your cleaning time, because let’s face it, cleaning the bathroom isn’t the top of many people’s lists.

Bathroom decking

Decking isn’t only for outside anymore! Incorporating some rustic decking near your bath is a stylish and practical way to dress the room. Make sure it’s water resistant and splinter proof and you’ll have a modern way to drain while you dry!

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