21 August 2019
Uni bathroom solutions
We’re nearing the final bank holiday of the year, and for many it’s a great opportunity to get your final accommodation jobs sorted for the start of the new university year! We’ve got all your bathroom solutions in one place to give you the best start whether you’re sharing a bathroom or have a private one.

Toilet brush

It may not be the most glamorous bathroom accessory but it’s a necessity none the less. We have a selection of affordable and durable toilet brushes perfect for student accommodation.

Retractable clothesline

Like it or not, air drying clothes can save you a huge amount on your electricity bill. When space is scarce it’s always handy to have a retractable clothesline so that it’s there when you need it but hidden when you don’t!


Bathroom caddy

A bathroom caddy is a handy way to keep everything in one place and stores neatly away. Our hook over caddy can be taken into the bathroom when needed and kept in your room when not, perfect for busy bathrooms.


Foam soap dispenser

When money is scarce it’s always nice to find a money saving tool that works. Our foam dispenser only requires a small amount of liquid soap to give you a full bottle of hand wash. Simply fill the bottle with 20% soap, 60% water and 20% air and you’re good-to-go!


Drain unclogging tool

If you’re sharing a bathroom with several people, the drain is likely to get blocked on a regular basis. Having some drain unclogging tools to hand are a quick and easy fix to the inevitable hairball!


Toilet roll holder

If you’ve ever lived somewhere without a toilet roll holder, you’ll know that toilet rolls can easily be knocked oved and unravel quickly. Never underestimate the difference a toilet roll holder can make! We have a selection of permanent and semi-permanent toilet roll holders to suit any bathroom.



If you’re like most of us and hate how water marks look and how stubborn they are a squeegee is an inexpensive way to reduce this and reduce your cleaning time. It’s simple to use so there’s no excuse for those who leave the bathroom in a dripping mess.

You can find our full range of university bathroom solutions here.

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