25 July 2018
Water Saving Tips
During the summer a water consumption increase is almost inevitable; watering plants, cleaning the car, washing the patio, filling paddling pools, anything to help us cool down. Despite these many uses, the highest water consumption in UK, Europe and US households is in the shower! In fact one quarter of the 9bn litres of water used by households every day is in the shower!
There is a global concern over the amount of water we waste every day, and consumers are looking for helpful ways to cut down on their water usage. Some of the best ways to save water are often the easiest, and making sure people are aware of these water saving pointers has never been more important.

Catching the disused water:

We’ve all experienced those long waits before your shower gets to just the right temperature, but the amount of water going down the drain without any purpose is criminal. This water could be put to good use. Taking a bucket to the bathroom and using it to catch any unused water limits the amount of water going straight down the drain. This can then be used to water the plants, cleaning the car or washing the dishes.


Using a shower timer:

The average shower lasts seven-and-a-half minutes! Each minute on average uses 9 litres of water, so the average shower is using a massive 67 litres! A shower timer gives you an allotted time for your daily soak and ensures you are saving money and the planet all whilst getting ready for work in the morning, not too bad if you ask us!

Even using a Bluetooth speaker to play music helps consumers track how long they’re taking, 1 or 2 songs could be the usual, and that could be their time to beat.

Replacing your shower head with our Aqua Air handset

Unlike standard shower heads, our Aqua Air shower head and filter mix the water and air together, making each droplet larger, all while reducing the water consumption.

It works by drawing in air as the water flows through the shower head. And when they mix together you get a bigger, softer aerated water droplet. Not only does this reduce the water usage by up to 50%, it’s also a higher quality showering experience. It’s so simple to fit and we have a large range of styles to choose from

The Aqua Air shower heads also come with a range of functions. You can get up to 5 functions in one. This includes; Saturating, Bubbling, Massage, Saturating and massage and Saturating and bubbling. Saving water has never felt so good!

Turning the tap off while brushing your teeth:

The very simple yet effecting way of saving water in the bathroom is by turning the tap off while we brush our teeth. We’re meant to brush our teeth for 2-3 minutes every morning and evening, so keeping the tap running while doing so is going to be money down the drain!

Adding a water saving device to your shower and taps:

A water saving device is a quick and easy way to limit the amount of water that comes from our showers and taps. It can save up to 8 litres per minute from taps, and the chances are it would go unnoticed that less water is being used.

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