Bathroom cleanliness is important all the time, but, even more necessary in light of the current Coronavirus outbreak. Taking precautions and incorporating spread limiting/minimising actions into our daily routines is highly important. The bathroom is a room used multiple times a day by all family members so keeping it sanitary is essential.

NHS England's* bathroom advice should you have to self-isolate is:
  • Clean toilets and bathrooms regularly
  • Think about a bathroom rota if a seperate bathroom is not available, with the isolated person using the facilities last, before thoroughly cleaning the bathroom themselves
  • Use seperate towels from anyone else in the household 

What else can I do?

  1. Wipe down surfaces at least twice a day or after every use -  Items such as light pulls, shower heads, taps and window handles are touched everyday so treat this as priority.
  2. Machine wash your shower curtain - Most fabric curtains are machine washable so make it a habit to wash this regularly. Also, choosing an option which has an anti-microbial treatment helps reduce the spread of germs and bacteria.
  3. Wash and alternate your bath and shower mats - Most vinyl mats are hand-washable and treated with an anti-microbial coating. Hand washing your mat is essential and should be done daily. If using cotton or cushioned mats, machine wash and limit to one person if need be.
  4. Keep toilets sanitary - Choose an anti-bacterial treated seat and clean daily. Also make sure you are wiping down toilet roll holders, toilet brush handles and ,of course, thoroughly washing your hands after use. 
  5. Limit towel contact - Don't mix towels, store them on seperate hooks and wipe down any towel hooks or rails regularly. 
  6. Keep cleaning products close to hand - Ideally keep a caddy full of wipes, sprays, cloths and bleach close to hand. This will encourage regular cleaning and allow immediate discinfecting before anything can be spread.
  7. Handwashing is essential - Using soap dispensers is a good way of measuring the ideal amount of product needed to optimise your hand washing. Remember to wipe them down regularly and also follow the advice from NHS England on ways to correctly wash your hands which can be found here.
  8. Catch it, BIN it, Kill it - Keep a bin in your bathroom and dispose of any waste regularly.