• How should I clean my Croydex product? 
Most of our products are supplied with care instructions, which detail how best to look after the product. But for the majority of our products we recommend cleaning them with a soft cloth and warm soapy water. We advise strongly against the use of all cleaning products. For mirrors and wooden furniture we recommend a cloth well wrung out in warm soapy water, and immediately after with a soft, dry, lint free cloth. In hard water areas, water left sitting on shower enclosures can result in water marks, so it would be advisable to dry after use. A squeegee would work well here.
  • Who are Norcros and what do they have to do with Croydex? 
Norcros is a group of companies dedicated to making where you live and places you visit better - everywhere from homes, shops and restaurants to hotels and airports. Norcros acquired 100% of the share capital of Croydex for an initial cash consideration of £20.8m in 2015.
  • I really like the look of your furniture options but I am concerned at the thought of having wooden furniture in a bathroom, as wood and water do not normally mix. What do you advise?
Our furniture is designed to be water-resistant, and if fitted and treated correctly will usually give many years of good service. To ensure this, the furniture should be sealed correctly, so the junctions betweens the furniture and the sanitary ware, and the junctions between the furniture and the walls are sealed with silicone sealant. This will prevent water from penetrating the gaps between, where it would likely remain sitting for long periods of time.
  • How can I order spare parts for my Croydex product? 
If you require any replacement parts for your Croydex product please contact our customer services team on either 01264 365881 or info@croydex.co.uk.
  • Where is your call centre based?
Our call centre is based in Andover, Hampshire.
  • How can I adjust or tighten my toilet seat?
A selection of our seats are now quick release and top fixed, so gone are the days when you need to be a contortionist to access the underside of the WC pan. If you have one of these seats the first thing you need to do is to remove the seat and lid. To allow this, the seat will have one or two buttons. Press these in and lift the seat and lid off. You will then be left with a metal bar with two pins coming from the top of it. The metal cover will simply prise off, exposing a plastic fitting and two screws. To adjust, loosen the screws slightly, make the adjustment and retighten the screws fully. It is then simply a matter of popping the cover and seat back on. Alternatively, if you purchase one of the toilet seats from our Sit Tight range, you'll never even have to worry about your seat coming loose over time!
  • Where can I get a Croydex catalogue/brochure?
Contact our customer services team on 01264 365881 or info@croydex.co.uk and they will be happy to send one out to you.
  • Who designs your ranges? 
We have our own in-house designers and we also work with various independent product designers in order to create our exciting and unique range of products.
  • Do you have shops/stores/showrooms?
No. To keep our prices low, we don't have any physical shops, stores or showrooms. We operate purely online and via our call centre. However, we do have stockists who sell our products in stores across the world.
  • How do I review your products?
Your feedback is vitally important to us, so reviewing a product is simple. Just click the 'write a review' link on the product page, complete the review and submit. We'll use this review as part of our ongoing research and we may display it on our website.
  • What is the cut off time for next day delivery? 
The cut off time if you are choosing next day delivery is 2pm. If you purchase after this time your order will be dispatched the day after. This also applies to Saturday delivery.