Hang 'N' Lock

The patented Hang ‘N’ Lock easy installation bracket is a simple and safe solution to hang your cabinet or mirror.
It provides the flexibility to change the level of your cabinet or mirror after having drilled your holes, eliminating the struggle of trying to mark screw holes with one hand whilst supporting a heavy bathroom item with the other.

Stick 'N' Lock Plus

The Stick ‘N’ Lock Plus range of bathroom accessories feature the two ways to fix technology, making them quick and easy to install.
To install your product, simply adhesive fix with the sticky pad provided or alternatively use the screw fixing provided.



The Flexi-Fix bathroom accessories range uses a universal bracket that aligns over the existing holes and then screws to the wall using the screws provided. 
Alternatively, you can fit the products using the glue provided.
Whether you screw it or glue it, Flexi-Fix makes light work of installing new bathroom accessories.

Illuminated Mirrors

​Croydex’s new collection of illuminated mirrors feature touch sensitive power switches, heated demister pads and LED lights. All are IP44 Rated so are safe to use in the outside zone of bathrooms and are easy to install using Croydex’s patented Hang ‘N’ Lock fixing system.


Converta Plugs

Croydex boasts four new adapters for converting conventional pop-up and chain plugs to a modern click waste. This innovative ‘Converta-Plug’ system requires no tools to fit and installs from the top.

Innovation Toilet Seats

The battery-powered Sensori Self Closing Toilet Seat automatically shuts when the user stands up/leaves.
The Luminoso Self Lighting Toilet Seat features a battery-powered LED nightlight that lasts for 120 seconds each time it is activated by movement close by and illuminates the bowl for improved sight in dark or dim lighting.