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07 December 2016
Here at Croydex we’re all super excited for Christmas, and to celebrate this festive season we have a 12 days of Christmas themed competition for you. Each day we will open a different door of our advent calendar below, and reveal what prize we will be giving away that day. With each day comes a different way to enter so keep your eyes peeled for today’s challenge!
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19 November 2016
On the 19th of November the world celebrates World Toilet Day.
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07 November 2016
It’s November which means we’re allowed to talk about Christmas! So we’ve taken the challenge of trying to compile a list of how to spruce up your bathroom for guests over this festive period.
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24 October 2016
With Halloween fast approaching we have decided to compile a list of the very best decorations that could adorn your bathroom this holiday. 
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21 October 2016
Lucky Bamboo is a great addition to your bathroom. It requires minimal light and can even grow without soil. Water it every 2-4 weeks to see very quick growth.
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10 October 2016
One for all the Harry Potter fans out there (ME!). Your very own Expecto Patronum Bath Bomb. And if you don’t think that’s cool enough, you get a real Patronus Charm inside – spoiler alert it’s a small silver charm, not a real life stag galloping around your bathroom.
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03 October 2016
You are treading into dangerous territory trying to understand what goes on within the female brain, but one question that seems to play on everyone’s mind is why on earth do women go to the loo in twos?
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28 September 2016
Beethoven’s baths
You may have seen a tweet of ours recently with evidence that showers and baths are where we can produce our best ideas. Well Beethoven certainly agreed! 
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19 September 2016
You probably don’t want to think about the fact that WINTER IS COMING, despite supermarkets already stocking their shelves with constant reminders that Santa is well on his way.

Now we don’t want to panic you about Christmas shopping just yet, but it is never a good idea to leave preparations to the last minute, and this includes making sure your bathroom isn’t an icy death cave this winter.
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12 September 2016
Could you do your business in the middle of the street with this one way mirrored toilet?
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