Adding simple touches to enhance your time in the bathroom

Whether you like long soaks in the bath or a quick invigorating shower our bathrooms are our own little havens that offer a place of escape and contemplation. We all deserve little luxuries in life so why not let that be the case in your bathroom? Here are some simple bathroom suggestions to improve your time in the bathroom.

1. Bath Racks
Bath racks are a must if you like long soaks in the tub. Of course you can use these for storage but I think I am safe in saying that after a tough (or not so tough) week having a relaxing soak in the bath, watching your favourite programme on your tablet and drinking a glass of wine is a great way to unwind. No more balancing your tablet on the sink or the edge of the bath, a bath rack offers you the perfect place to set up for your own bath cinema experience!


2. Candles
The options are endless with candles and they also offer great soft lighting for your bathroom. Whether you like fresh floral or warm sweet scents you can create whatever mood you want in your room. 


Plants not only offer a fashionable addition to your bathroom but can bring a multitude of health benefits too. The Aloe plant in particular is great for keeping in your bathroom as they thrive in humid conditions. The plant can also help to purify the air, removing pollutants and harmful chemicals found mostly in cleaning products and keep your bathroom feeling and looking fresh. 


4. Dressing your bathroom with colour
Dressing your bathroom will make it look and feel luxurious. Colours are also a proven way of affecting your mood so adding a colour that suits you will instantly make your room feel more relaxing. Check out the below article to see how certain colours can affect your mood.

We have lots of colourful bathmats and shower curtains that you can choose from that are perfect for dressing your room.


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