Croydex News
26 May 2017
After a week of glorious spring sunshine we are heading into another bank holiday weekend!

Knowing that for many the extended break offers a chance to get things done around the house we wanted to offer our help in sorting your bathroom DIY conundrums. For the past week we have been running a competition via Facebook and Twitter asking you to send us your queries. 
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12 May 2017
Cleaning. Let’s face it, most of us don’t enjoy it. Scrubbing for hours at something that will only get dirty again after a few uses, other times it feels like you’re dealing with some form of demon that won’t budge no matter how much bleach you use.
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05 May 2017
Now, I don’t know about you but I can’t shower in silence. I love listening (and pretending I can actually sing) in the shower. You can’t go wrong with a good sing along and if you didn’t already know, we are holding a competition with Your Home Magazine to win a Bathroom Bluetooth Speaker and other bathroom accessories to brighten up your Friday.
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28 July 2016
Croydex has been granted a patent for their Flexi-Fix ‘X’ plate following a successful application to the UK Intellectual Property Office. 
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24 March 2016
Employees from Andover-based Croydex are in training for the dirtiest toilet dash they’ll ever make in order to raise money for WaterAid.
A team of 11 runners from the bathroom accessories specialist are entering Tough Sh!t in November. They hope to raise £2,500, which will go towards installing toilets in communities currently without this basic facility.
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16 February 2016
Plumbing fittings, illuminated mirrors and innovative toilet seats are among over 90 new products featured in the latest catalogue from Croydex.

The bathroom accessories specialist has also added a range of new rust free wire storage baskets to its innovative Flexi-Fix collection. 
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05 February 2016
Bathrooms accessories specialist, Croydex has launched a new range of Toilet Fill and Flush Kits as part of its expansion into the plumbing fittings market.
Designed to provide the easiest way to fully upgrade to the best toilet valves available, the fully-adjustable flush and fill valves are designed to provide easy installation, long lasting performance, quiet and powerful operation and combined water saving capability.
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01 February 2016
Croydex is throwing the spotlight on two new toilet seat designs, one featuring a self lighting bowl and the other with a self closing lid.
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27 January 2016
With a new year also comes a brand new range of bathroom products from bathroom accessories specialist, Croydex.

Plumbing fittings, illuminated mirrors and innovative toilet seats are among more than 90 new products featured in Croydex’s 2016 catalogue.

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19 March 2015
Bathroom accessories specialist, Croydex has added a range of new vanity units and beauty stations to its innovative Hang ’N’ Lock collection.
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