Bathroom Inspiration - Hotel Styling

Hotel bathrooms can provide some excellent inspiration for your own bathrooms at home. They are designed with usability, durability and aesthetics in mind and often demonstrate innovative space saving and style options. Here are some of our top tips for adding some hotel style into your bathroom.   
Everything has a place
Hotel bathrooms are designed to be kept as clutter free as possible as time is quite literally money when it comes to cleaning and organising. Adding robe hooks, towel organisers, shower storage and wall mounted accessories will ensure everything has a place and help you maintain a tidy room throughout the day.

Lighting is essential
Lighting is a brilliant way of giving the illusion of more space, high end design and for adding character. Adding an illuminated mirror or cabinet will introduce a luxury accessory into the room whilst providing a soft source of light.


Neutral colours
Having a neutral base will open your room up and create the illusion of more space. This will also mean that you can add in gold or silver accessories and even mix metals for a contemporary feel. Neutral textiles will further enhance the luxury look and feel of the room. This colour palette will stand the test of time and also allow you to bring in accents of statement colours if you want to change the feel of your room.


Modern showers are a must
Teaming a classic design and colour palette with sophisticated shower fittings will ensure your bathroom has an indulgent finish. Combine your sleek shower set up with a contemporary shower rail and modern curtain rings for a well-rounded finish to your room.

Eliminate the number of products that you have on display        
Instead opt for product holders, such as soap dispensers, and tidy your products away into storage baskets or cabinets.

These simple tips will create a sense of opulence in any bathroom.