Croydex brings the bright and bold designs of Steve Brown into Britain’s bathrooms with new collection

Croydex has teamed up with one of the UK’s best-loved artists, Steven Brown to bring his bright and bold McZoo designs into Britain’s bathrooms.

The bathroom accessories specialist’s new collection of shower curtains and Flexi-Fix toilet seats features the iconic Angus McCoo, and giraffe double-act, Francie and Josie McZoo.
Commenting on the collaboration, Steven said: “My personal philosophy that ‘life feels better with colour’, is something that my customers embrace when it comes to choosing products for their homes. I’m absolutely delighted to be working with Croydex to bring that joy to a ‘Steven Brown’ range for the bathroom. I just know that people will love it as much as I do.”
Croydex Managing Director, Nick McGrellis added: “Steven Brown is one of the UK’s best-loved artists and creator of the iconic ‘McCoos’ and many other uplifting, colourful pieces. We believe everyone should be able to enjoy a beautiful bathroom by adding stress-free style to this most personal of spaces. We’re thrilled to unveil these new designs which provide a quick and easy way to add colour and character to the blandest of spaces.”
The shower curtains (RRP £29.98 inc VAT) are manufactured from water-resistant fabric with a cling-resistant weighted hem. Easy to clean, they are machine washable and come ready to hang with twelve corrosion-resistant metal eyelets.
Part of the Flexi-Fix range, the McZoo toilet seats (RRP £49.98 inc VAT) promise to never come loose or slip over time thanks to an innovative hinge system. Both are quick and easy to fit: simply position the seat, press the hinges in place and tighten bolts for a sturdy no slip installation.
The patented V plates provide a huge range of adjustment to fit the fixing holes of any standard toilet.  The seats fit toilet pans with fixing hole centres from 110mm to 200mm – far greater than the 145mm to 165mm specified in the European Standard EN33. They can also be adjusted forwards or backwards by up to 60mm to ensure the seat lines up with the front of the toilet pan. They are supplied with both bottom fix and top fix fittings, making them easy to fit to any type of toilet pan. This wide range of adjustability ensures the hinges will always align with the toilet pan holes and because the seat can also be installed from above or below the pan, it always fits.
Collapsible supports hold the hinges away from the pan while the seat is aligned. Once a little pressure is applied, the supports collapse and the high strength self-adhesive pads grip the toilet pan for a secure fit which will not come loose or slip. As the grip pad technology is a pressure sensitive adhesive, it is easy to re-position the hinges during initial installation if fine adjustment to the selected position is required. Finally use the top or bottom fixings supplied to secure in place.

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