Doing it for the greater good: Croydex donate packaging to local PPE charity 4GoodPPE

Bathroom accessories specialist, Croydex has donated over 100’s of pieces of packaging to COVID 19 relief charity, 4GoodPPE. Offering a solution to PPE shortages around the UK, 4GoodPPE have been creating environmentally friendly eye visors in this time of need.

The innovative eye shields boast an effective design that protects one of the main entry points for COVID19. All materials used so far have been supplied free of charge, with acetate being sourced from mask printing offcuts provided by the University of Bath, and MDF provided by local model manufacturer Tymeagain ltd. Having helped multiple healthcare workers, 4GoodPPE also distribute visors to shops and groups within the local community.
The premise of the visors is that they offer an eco-friendly and safe solution to PPE. All visors are packed safely and have a 72-hour sealing period before they can be used. Also, the acetate protectors can be cleaned and reused after the 72-hour infection minimising period has taken place. Finally the MDF frames are fully biodegradable, omitting a large issue within the healthcare sector at the moment surrounding waste production.


Paul Green, a Croydex company employee for almost 20 years, has donated much of his time to run the Andover 4GoodPPE hub over the past few months. As an avid re-enactor in his spare time, the COVID 19 pandemic saw Paul with extra time on his hands that he wanted to use for good. Working closely with Ben Crewell-Jeal, from Tymeagain Ltd, Paul has been integral to the PPE provision efforts around Hampshire.
Paul shares ‘With the right materials and everybody’s amazing efforts we have been able to make a real difference. By using our contacts within the re-enactment community, we have been able to make and distribute boxes of visors to establishments that have been struggling to obtain PPE. As we needed reusable packaging, I approached our Managing Director Nick McGrellis who was more than happy to donate whatever we could to help this important cause’.
When asked about the donation Nick McGrellis stated ‘At Croydex we understand the importance of giving back. When I found out that Paul was volunteering for 4GoodPPE I wanted to make sure we helped however we could’.
With new areas of need being highlighted every day and established hubs now in Andover, Rhonda, Cardiff, Poole, Cirencester, Stoke, Nottingham and Luton the charities workload is getting busier. With that in mind any donations are gratefully received.
The best way you can help 4GoodPPE is by donating any of the below products:
  • MDF Sheets
  • Plastic sealable bags
  • Acetate or plastic sheeting
  • Printing ink or facilities
  • Plywood buttons for ear protectors
For more details about 4GoodPPE you can visit or search for your local hub page on Facebook.