Five Bathroom Safety Tips for Children

Children left in alone in the bath. Just think about it. How many dangers pop into your head? Then think again, how many ways are there to prevent these dangers from happening? This post will tell you exactly five different ways there are to prevent your child from being injured, keeping your summer stress free.

Keep Watch

When children are in the bath make sure you are watching them at all time. Even if your phone rings or the timer for dinner goes off don’t take your eyes off them. It only takes two minutes for them to slip, bump their head or fall under the water. Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Electrical Products
When children or toddlers are present in the bath, make sure all electrical products are either turned off or tucked away. If you need to use them at the time then take them out of the bathroom, or out of reach of your children. Young children like to fiddle and explore, they are naturally curious.

Medicines & Tablets
Any medicine products are kept in the bathroom that can be harmful or dangerous to children if they get their hands on them. Make sure all bottles are kept out of reach or locked in a cabinet. You don’t want them to get ill or end up with broken medicine bottles on the floor.

Water Temperature
When young children are in the baht, make sure the water temperature is not too hot or too cold. The hottest the water should be is about 48.9 degrees Celsius, any hotter and you risk burning your child. To check the water temperature, simply stick your elbow or wrist into the water and adjust it accordingly.

Slipping & Falling
When the child is in the water, make sure the water faucet is cover with a cushioned cover over the top of it so that if they do happen to knock their head onto it, it would do as much damage. For extra safety precautions, ensure that your toilet seat is locked so that your child doesn’t feel tempted to lift the seat, or lose their balance and fall in.

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So there you are, our safety tips for you to use this summer to keep your child safe. Have you got any more you can think of? Let us know by tweeting us @Croydex or on our Facebook page here