New year, New range

With a new year also comes a brand new range of bathroom products from bathroom accessories specialist, Croydex.

Plumbing fittings, illuminated mirrors and innovative toilet seats are among more than 90 new products featured in Croydex’s 2016 catalogue.

The bathroom accessories specialist has continued to develop their innovative ideas and have produced two new toilet seats sure to give any bathroom that ‘wow’ factor.

At first thought, a self-lighting toilet seat might just seem like a bit of fun or a great secret Santa present, but it is in fact a handy product with many benefits for all age ranges. There is no need to flip a switch and brace yourself for the harsh bathroom light that stuns your sleepy eyes with the Luminoso Self-Lighting Toilet Seat from Croydex. A fantastic feature for any bathroom, the Luminoso seat will be a great talking point but more importantly, a fantastic guide for those night time trips to the bathroom.

Accompanying Croydex’s range of innovative toilet seats is the Sensori Self Closing seat which features an automatic lid closure to prevent the spread of germs around your bathroom, there will be no forgetting to put the lid down ever again!

Talking about trends for 2016, Product and Procurement Director at Croydex said: “In the past, technology has not been considered to be an integral part of the bathroom but as we move forward more advanced electronics are being included in modern bathrooms to create new and more satisfying experiences.”

“Our new range of illuminated mirrors combines the need to be bold in the bathroom with the desire for a more advanced and inspirational lifestyle. All our mirrors our IP44 Rated, suitable for use in the outside zone and come with our patented Hang ‘N’ Lock installation system.”

The Oakley Illuminated Mirror is just one in Croydex’s impressive range, the Oakley mirror features multiple colour changes and mood lighting options that can all be controlled via a small remote control.

Whether you’re looking to update your bathroom with a few simple accessories or want to splash out on coordinated bathroom furniture, Croydex have you covered.