Stainless Steel Straight Grab Bars with Anti-Slip Grip - Chrome

  • AP500541 30cm Straight Grab Bar.jpg AP500541 30cm Straight Grab Bar.jpg
  • AP500541 Line Drawing AP500541 Line Drawing
  • AP500541 Stainless Steel Straight Grab Bar with Anti-Slip Grip and Concealed Fixings.jpg AP500541 Stainless Steel Straight Grab Bar with Anti-Slip Grip and Concealed Fixings.jpg
  • Anti-slip grip provides additional comfort and support that prevents wet hands slipping on the rail
  • 32mm diameter bar for easier gripping
  • Provides confidence and stability.
  • Concealed fixings
  • Maximum load: 100kg/220lbs/15st 10lbs when fitted to a solid wall
  • Concealed fixings
  • Fixings not included
  • Corrosion resistant, suitable for use in ‘wet’ showering areas.
300 x 82mm (HxD)


Full colour box
300 x 82mm (HxD)

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Inspiration & Advice

For most people, washing themselves is an automatic routine and is often taken for granted. However, Croydex understand that showering can be a difficult task for elderly people and individuals with mobility issues.

Croydex also understand that people don’t want their entire bathrooms converted permanently into somewhere that only works for them.

Having a bit of extra support can be a huge benefit for people more prone to slips and slides in the shower. Grab Bars attach to the wall and provide the perfect solution for extra confidence and stability when showering.

Combining function and style, Croydex Grab Bars come in a variety of shapes and designs and include concealed fixings so they can easily blend in to any bathroom.

Shower seats are always smart choices if you want to remove barriers to freedom in the bathroom. Whether it’s a Modular Shower Stool with back and arm supports, or a Fold Away Shower Seat that tucks away neatly when not in use – Croydex has something to suit everyone’s needs.

Bathing aids have come a long way in the past five to ten years, meaning that making your bathroom mobility-friendly can be as simple as some new accessories that make life that little bit easier, while also keeping your bathroom stylish and contemporary.

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