Crystal Overhead Shower

  • AM171141 Crystal SHead CX0219.jpg AM171141 Crystal SHead CX0219.jpg
  • Crystal Overhead Shower Crystal Overhead Shower
  • Water Label 7.9 Water Label 7.9
  • Rain spray overhead with Aqua Air™ technology
  • Rub clean nozzles to help prevent the build up of limescale
  • Fully adjustable brass ball joint
  • Supplied with an optional water saving device
  • Universal ½” B.S.P connection
  • 200mm Diameter
  • This handset meets the criteria for the Water Label, as endorsed by the Bathroom Manufacturers Association
Polished Stainless Steel

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Full colour box
Polished Stainless Steel

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Inspiration & Advice

Un-inspiring and expensive showers are a thing of the past with the new Aqua Air showering products from Croydex.

Aqua Air products produce a bigger and softer water droplet to enhance and improve your showering sensation and pleasure, whilst also reducing your water consumption without the need for a water saving device.

How Aqua Air works is simple – water flowing through the shower head draws in air, which is then mixed with the water. This creates bigger, softer, aerated water droplets within
a volumised shower spray, which enhance the showering sensation and provide a high quality showering experience with lower water consumption.

In fact Aqua Air shower heads can save up to 50% water when compared to similar standard shower heads.

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